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The FM104.7 Team

We here at FM104.7 want you to get to know us a little better...


So here it is - the announcers as you've never seen (or heard) them before!

The Tough Questions:

Name: Cam Kleinschmidt

My Mates Know Me As: Cam

Most Annoying Habit: Some people would say I talk too much - I even talk in my sleep...

Favouritest Song Of All Time: So much music, so little space - AC/DC, Lancuna Coil, The Verses, Alexisonfire, Disturbed

One Thing I'll Be Remembered For: That guy that fixed my computer! Ha Ha Ha!

What Would You NEVER Eat: Prairie Oysters (Don't Ask ha ha)

Favouritest Holiday Spot: Anywhere with my kids and my beautiful wife to be, but we love going to the beach...

Favouritest Crayon Colur: Ummmm... Don't they all taste the same?

What Was Your Favouritest Toy As A Child: Well, I dunno about when I was a child, but I love playing with my kids toys... I don't know who has more fun with their toys - them or me...